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Last Day of June...
I'm bored again so I might as well post here.  =P

Today, I got up and my mom forced me to go outside because she said I'm lacking Vitamin D.  I think that's kind of stupid.  I mean, how can standing outside for 10 minutes help me get Vitamin D?  Sure, I suppose the sun does give you Vitamin D, but it wasn't even that sunny outside this morning.  *sighs*  I hate going outside in the morning.  It's all humid and the grass is wet.

After that, my dad made me practice driving with me in the parking lot.  It's really annoying because he always yells at me for not parking in the parking spaces right and there's always a million things I'm doing wrong.  He has me convinced I'm going to get into an accident as soon as I start driving on the road.

Now, I just finished writing for an hour and a half and I'm bored like usual.  Tomorrow sucks because these people are coming to our house to replace our furnace.  They're gonna be here all day long.  My mom is bringing me to my grandma's so I'm "out of the way".  That sucks because my grandma doesn't have internet and I have no clue what we're gonna do the whole day. 

Okay, I'll shut up now because this is really just turning into a bitch entry as usual.  =P

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Why doesn't she just suggest you take Vitamin D supplements?

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